Lovgren Marketing Group Honored with Five Awards, Linda Lovgren Named Professional of the Year at 2016 PRSA Paper Anvil Awards


On December 8, Lovgren Marketing Group was presented five awards at the 2016 PRSA Nebraska Paper Anvil Awards Gala: two Awards of Merit and three Awards of Excellence. The awards honored work for ABM Parking/Eppley Airfield, Raising Nebraska, Little Steps Big Impact, and the Omaha CSO program. Additionally, Linda Lovgren was honored with the 2016 PRSA Professional Of The Year Award.

We are thankful for these wonderful clients, our impressive collaborators and our dedicated team — all of whom made this possible.


Award of Excellence
(Marketing Consumer Services):

Eppley Airfield Advanced Parking Guidance System

Eppley’s Omaha Airport Authority and ABM Parking Services unveiled a new lighted Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) in September, 2016, becoming just the second airport in the U.S. to use a camera based APGS system. Using digital signage, live data on the website and a new smartphone app, and color coded lights in each aisle of the garage, the system makes finding an open space simple. Additionally, two Cell Phone Lots and a Canopy Parking Lot were also introduced. Lovgren Marketing Group was brought on board early in the process to help with strategic marketing planning, public relations strategy before and after the launch, media outreach before the launch event, and development of promotional marketing materials.


An example of marketing materials rolled out for the campaign

Our first goal was to develop consistent messaging and graphics for use in marketing materials such as flyers, posters, signs, print ads, instructional videos and airport terminal ads. This was accomplished through consistent use of the “Look Up!” headline and design throughout all pieces, and distribution of the same professionally-shot photographs to all partners for use in other materials such as the flyOMA app and website.

Educating airport customers about the new APGS system and the new flyOMA app was the second goal. For the first month after the APGS system officially launched, customers were exposed to consistent messaging at multiple touch points throughout the airport, ensuring that nearly every person flying through Eppley Airfield saw the message at least once. Feedback from both Eppley and ABM Parking indicate that this has been a success so far.

Finally, we planned a media event/news conference for print and TV to announce the APGS system and app was very successful. All four Omaha TV stations aired stories either in their 6:00pm or 10:00pm newscasts. The Omaha World-Herald, Council Bluffs (Iowa) Daily Nonpareil, and Columbus Telegram ran stories in their newspapers, and an Associated Press version of the World-Herald piece ran in multiple other regional and national publications. Earned media coverage resulted in an audience of nearly 750,000 people in the Omaha metro area.

Award of Excellence (Public Service)
Award of Merit (Community Relations):

Little Steps Big Impact

A campaign branded as Little Steps. Big Impact. was conducted on behalf of the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency and funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration and the Nebraska Department of Roads. It was aimed at: 1) increasing public awareness about the problems created by ground-level ozone; 2) changing Omaha area residents’ habits by encouraging the use of public transportation as a way to reduce ground-level ozone; and 3) developing other small habit changes that contribute to better air quality.

Lovgren Marketing Group planned and executed an integrated marketing campaign to include broadcast media, out-of-home, social media and public engagement. The campaign was built on the premise that everyone can make a difference, or that a “Little Step” could lead to a “Big Impact.” We collaborated with Live Well who promotes the Commuter Challenge and the Bike Challenge and included their representatives in our implementation committee efforts, and collaborated with the Ethanol and Corn Boards to extend the reach through use of bio fuels. And we planned public relations approaches that would generate media coverage on broadcast television and radio as well as print resources from which the public would receive trusted messaging.

A billboard that showed the current Air Quality Index, by linking directly to data from AirNow.gov

A billboard that showed the current Air Quality Index, by linking directly to data from AirNow.gov

We also partnered with five metro area school districts to develop a classroom curriculum that taught students about air quality issues, using hand-held meters that allowed students to test the number of particulates in the air in various locations around their building, such as the carpool line in the parking lot after school, at the bus stop, and on the sidewalk or at other high traffic locations.

All totaled, people in the Omaha metro saw a Little Steps Big Impact message nearly 1.5 million times between social media, online advertising, traditional TV and Radio advertising, and earned media. Survey results indicated an increase in awareness of ozone issues, making the campaign a success.

Award of Excellence (Public Service):

Raising Nebraska

“Raising Nebraska: Your Food and the Families Who Grow It” is an interactive exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair grounds. It is dedicated to help people understand the source of food, the science and technology of agriculture, the role of agriculture in the state’s economy and the importance of Nebraska agriculture in feeding the world. It is a partnership with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, the Nebraska State Fair, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Over the 12-month period from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016, we were able to generate 110 print and broadcast stories on Raising Nebraska, reaching an estimated audience of 2,638,276 – two and a half times more than the earned media audience 1,052,639 people in 2015 (which was itself a 40% increase over 2014). Facebook “likes” increased by 25%, and Twitter followers increased by 10% over the same period. Attendance at the exhibit also increased year-over-year.

Students at one of the many events held at Raising Nebraska in 2016.

Students at one of the many events held at Raising Nebraska in 2016.

Social media was used to promote special events and programming, as well as to educate followers on fun facts about the exhibit. Print materials were developed to spread the message beyond the exhibit’s online reach, and were distributed by representatives who spoke to civic, business, youth, and educational organizations in the region.

Comments and data in an August 2016 survey lead us to believe the exhibit, now open for just over two years, is growing at a healthy pace and satisfying donors, sponsors and visitors. 67% of the nearly 2,300 survey participants indicated they learned three or more new things about agriculture as a result of visiting Raising Nebraska, and 47% said they learned five or more new things! 79% of respondents rated their experience at the exhibit as “Good” or “Outstanding”. Nearly 60% strongly agree or agree that they “will recommend others to visit Raising Nebraska”, and nearly everyone (93%) responded “yes” when asked if they would visit Raising Nebraska again.

Award of Merit (Community Relations):


The City of Omaha is under a federal unfunded mandate to reduce the overflow of raw sewage to the area river and streams from 52 per year to 4-8 per year. The Clean Solutions for Omaha Program (CSO) has 90 projects scheduled for completion between 2010 and 2027 to meet the regulatory mandate.

Lovgren’s involvement is centered on earned media and public participation activities and has a limited budget for printed materials, public meeting costs, PowerPoint, display materials, design, and implementation time of all public participation activities and facilitation. The stakeholders are the residential, business and industrial ratepayers, stakeholders in construction areas, regulators, elected officials, utilities, and city departments.

One of the many CSO Public Meetings in 2016.

One of the many CSO Public Meetings in 2016.

From October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016:

  • Public meeting attendance improved by 15% on average by holding meetings in tandem with already scheduled neighborhood or community meetings and by building these relationships
  • Earned media yielded
    • 1.1 million impressions, $65,000 publicity value
  • Resolved/answered 100% of hotline and website questions asked
  • Made 19 presentations at neighborhood, civic or community event/meetings throughout the year
  • Successfully engaged minority population high schools in two field trips or presentation about projects in the area
  • Provided the CSO Display at libraries and treasurers offices and events
  • Designed a new brochure, display materials and rate inserts
  • Conducted a website annual review, provided relevant content updates to the website bi-monthly or as needed
  • Provided content for the Program quarterly reports and updates Nebraska Environmental Trust grant
  • Presented the CSO public participation program at an International Association of Public Participation breakout session