Partnership 4 Kids Announces Collaboration with Like-minded Organizations

 Partnership For Kids LogoIn the 1990s two local couples with foresight and understanding saw that low-income students and their families, as well as teachers, could benefit from mentors who would help these students live up to their academic potential. They also recognized that their academic achievements should be celebrated and rewarded. Jerry and Cookie Hoberman created Winners Circle. Mike Yanney and Dr. Gail Walling Yanney started their mentor program known as All Our Kids. In 2007, Winners Circle and All Our Kids joined forces and their two programs, formed one organization known as Partnership for Our Kids. In 2012, the combined organization rebranded itself as Partnership 4 Kids (P4K).

Today, the Board of Directors of Partnership 4 Kids is announcing the formation of an alliance with other like-minded organizations that will benefit the chances for all students to reach their academic and career goals and dreams.

Partnership 4 Kids will continue to provide students from kindergarten through ninth grade with a foundation rooted in goal setting proficiency and the consistent support of a mentor. High school students previously served by P4K will transition this year to work with TeamMates, a statewide mentoring program working with school-age youth to provide support and encouragement; College Possible, a non-profit organization in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, Milwaukee, WI, Portland, OR and Omaha who work with low-income junior and senior students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support in order to make college admission and success a possibility; and Avenue Scholars which also helps low income junior and senior  students advance through high school while identifying career possibilities, skill-set requirements, behavioral expectations and then pathways to post-secondary success and a meaningful career.

The 2013-14 school years will be one of transition. Sophomore and junior students currently involved in Partnership 4 Kids’ programs will work with their P4K program coordinators to determine which agency will fulfill their needs.  The 2014 graduating seniors will not be affected by this move.

“This new collaboration means we are making youth the number one objective in our community,” said Mike Yanney, founder and board member for Partnership 4 Kids. “There will be no duplicated efforts but rather a coordinated program emphasizing excellence and rewarding the young people who achieve academic success.”

College Possible founder and CEO Jim McCorkell echoed Yanney’s comments. “College Possible envisions a future where a child’s future is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort. The continuous service provided by this alliance of agencies – all focused on bolstering one’s pursuit of success – helps further our vision for Omaha’s low-income youth.  We couldn’t be prouder to take part in this joint endeavor,” said McCorkell.

“TeamMates is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with P4K, Avenue Scholars and College Possible to provide additional mentoring opportunities for young people in Greater Omaha,” said Tom Osborne, who along with his wife Nancy, founded TeamMates. “We always have many more children who want and need a mentor than we have mentors. This collaboration will enable us to serve more young people in an effective and efficient manner.”      

The Avenue Scholars program currently helps more than 600 low-income junior and senior, metro-area students in their endeavors to advance through a post-secondary experience.  Most of these students attend Metropolitan Community College.   Dr. Ken Bird, president and CEO of Avenue Scholars Foundation said his organization stands ready to work with and support the students from P4K who qualify for their program and to support the work of TeamMates and College Possible in this new alliance. 

Each organization will continue to operate as an independent agency, but developing programs which work collaboratively and help grade school, middle school and high school students reach their full academic potential.            

About Partnership 4 Kids

Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) is a non-profit organization working towards advancing the education of today’s youth and preparing them for tomorrow’s careers.  P4K staff and volunteers empower kids to succeed by introducing them to caring adult role-models, teaching them how to set and achieve their goals, inspiring them to explore a  wide variety of career paths and giving them the keys to college access. Currently there are more than 5,000 students in 22 Omaha Public Schools participating in Partnership 4 Kids programs.